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Here at our Cycle Fete Club, you can test a bike to ride before you decide to buy.  Take it out on a mini trip or rent it for the day to see how it moves beneath you or how fast it goes!  *Subject to availability and subject to terms and conditions.

Bike Exchange

Tired of your bicycle?  Wanna give another bike a spin?  Sign up for our bike exchange - where you can swap toys... oops, bikes for a while.  *Subject to availability and subject to terms and conditions.

Biking Adventures

Join us for regular rides across Singapore and special bike events and even overseas cycling!


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Welcome to Cycle Fete,

Cycle Fete organise various events on Cycling, Dancing, Travel, Health & Beauty sponsor by Acdine Vegetable Powder for all your Nutritional Needs and Meroll Health & Beauty Solution.

Cycle Fete will be setting up a cycling club in Singapore within Absna School at Bukit Merah Central. We hope to have the following list of facilities and look forward to partners who we can work with.

  1. To have a chill out club house for cyclist, dancers and sports group forcus on health and beauty
  2. To work with bike shop to display their unique bike in the showroom, the showroom will be open from 11am till 11pm every night including Sunday. This is to cater to customer who can only make it after office hour and Sunday.
  3. To have sales box display for rent, fellow bikers can travel overseas and bring back unique bicycle products for sale here. There will be central sales staff to assist. Health products and other products can also be listed here.
  4. To work with Absna School to offer Diploma in Bicycle Maintenance and IHDC in bike development.
  5. To offer basic to advance cycling and roller blading course
  6. Up to 200 bay of Big bicycle and folding bicycle storage for rent for Club location ridding, At this Bukit Merah Central location you can can access to Henderson Park Connector,  Alexandra Garden Trail,  Zouk Clack Quay Boat Quay Esplanade MBS GBB East Coast Park Changi Trail,  Sentosa, Railway MTB Trail (Green Corridor), Orchard Road Trail, Mount Faber Henderson Wave,   Alexandra Canal Linear Park to Ghim Moh Park Connector link to Clementi and more.
  7. Bicycle and roller blading lessons
  8. Absna have dance party almost every night. So member can chill, dance, ride, gym, eat, drink, serve the net, play board games or service their bike at the club.
  9. Health Food Coner, Absna have a Meroll Health Program that incorporate cycling as a treatment for over 300 chronic illness
  10. Absna have dance party every night from student from their dance and singing program
  11. a once a year cycling festival that incoperate and promote cycling 
  12. Cycling Club House with shower & personal lockers facilities
  13. Small gym
  14. To organise Acdine, Meroll, Dance, Travel and Cycling Activities
  15. To help more people reverse and treat their diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and over 300 chronic illnesses via healthy food and exercise
  16. To help individual achieve via healthy food and exercise 
  17. Share 20 bicycle, join a network that own 20 different mid range bicycle, so you do not need to buy so many to enjoy all. Ride a different bicycle everyday
  18. I rode up Mt Faber bi-annual event, Registeration Fee $35, Free Jesey Worth $45

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